ModaDivan the future of automatic sleeper

ModaDivan is the new revolutionary memory foam sleeper-sofa that is much more user-friendly to operate than a standard pull-out bed. ModaDivan was created while searching for a solution to a problem: how can a sofa be used as a bed while not giving up any comfort or space or requiring effort. It was designed with the hospitality industry in mind, but is also beneficial for the everyday family, (as well as cruise ship lines, RV owners, RV manufacturers and retailers). No more straining your back to pull out that heavy metal frame and then having to put it back inside the sofa and put all pillows and cushions back when you’re done.


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What Our Clients Say

“The ModaDivan gave me the best night’s sleep I have ever had on a sleeper sofa. I frequently stay in hotels with groups of three for my job and most rooms have a very stiff and uncomfortable arrangement for the third person. I believe that this is the future of hospitality furniture. Three words to describe the ModaDivan: Elegant, Comfortable, and Innovative.”

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