The ModaDivan was recently featured on the Ed Tyll Talk Radio Show! Click here to listen to his outstanding recommendation for the ModaDivan!

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Watch the 2014 model of the ModaDivan transform quickly and effortlessly from sofa to bed and back again, all in SECONDS! This video was taken at the 2013 Las Vegas Furniture Market. Sorry about the poor video quality, we are working on getting new video produced!

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Updated Look for 2013
ModaDivan at the Las Vegas Furniture Market 2013

ModaDivan was featured on the Seaside Family Room episode of HGTV’s hit show RoomCrashers.


Watch this video to see how perfect it was for this space, and how much the cast and homeowners loved our product!


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Style Options

Over 1000 options

Over 1000 options

Over 1000 color and arm style combinations

Contemporary Elegance

Unique and elegant styles
Style for any theme

Style for any theme

Match the mood and colors of any design
Design Radiance

Design Radiance

Clean, Comfortable, Elegant

What Our Clients Say

ModaDivan electric memory foam sleeper sofas have significantly changed our guest satsifaction ratings. We clearly saw an increase in positive customer reviews after adding the ModaDivan Sofas to our guestrooms. We recieve compliments (and purchase inquiries) at the front desk all the time”

– Chris Artur

I love this couch! The temper material never wears out and the fabric is top notch. Without even mentioning the convenient lay-back system it’s the best looking, most comfortable sofa ever. Simple and elegant. I would be extremely pleased with the ModaDivan even if it didn’t turn into a bed.

I have never been more impressed by a piece of furniture. It truly shows how technology has reached the industry. I never imagined that a “sofa-bed” could be more comfortable than my own bed!! It is simply amazing that there is no effort involved to convert it to a bed; no moving furniture or heavy lifting. Just a touch of a button and in less than 12 seconds your beautiful ModaDivan is a memory foam bed!

The ModaDivan gave me the best night’s sleep I have ever had on a sleeper sofa. I frequently stay in hotels with groups of 3 for my job and most rooms have a very stiff and uncomfortable arrangement for the 3rd person. I believe that this is the future of hospitality furniture. 3 words to describe the ModaDivan: Elegant, Comfortable, Innovative.

These “couches” are awesome! I love how you never get stuck between the cracks as you do on a conventional sofa or sofa bed. The way the two pieces come together in the ModaDivan is what makes it so unique, you don’t ever feel the crack, only smooth memory foam surface, and large enough for two!

We have guests frequently stay with us and all of them love it. It makes for a very comfortable bed and you don’t need to move it or other furniture around to get it flat. You simply push a button. When it is in the upright position, you lose nothing in terms of comfort and looks. My Moda Divan couch is the single best pieces of furniture that I have owned.